Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sinnel Sandoval - Consultant in Business Development and Marketing

Startups need a lot of planning, risk and hard work. Therefore all the pros and cons need to be thought off carefully before planning them. The first and foremost analysis which needs to be done is the viability of the project. It should be thoroughly analyzed whether there is a demand for the product being launched and what may be the annual increase in the demand, how it can be fulfilled etc. The second point which needs attention is the human resource being employed. The Head of the company may not be a person with high profile who needs to be paid heavily, instead a person with a vision and with capability of implementation of the project with his leadership abilities will be far better. The staff recruited should be ready to face all the challenges and should come out successful from all problems. The third point is a road map which will lead the company on the path of success. It should comprise of both short term as well as long term goals. The methods need to be developed how each and every goal is to be accomplished and the time frame for each goal needs to be specified. Responsibilities of each and every member of the company need to be defined carefully and recruitment may be done keeping those points in view. Once the company starts up, constant and timely analysis of its performance need to be done. Strengths and weaknesses need to be discussed and ways of capitalizing the strengths and reducing the weaknesses should be constantly exercised. Motivation plays a very important role in any endeavor, employees need to be motivated, trained and upgraded from time to time for enhancing their performance. The last thing to remember is the confident and patient never lose their way and can find the goal through all odds.

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