Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Director of International Sales & Marketing: Sinnel Sandoval

Popularly known for his expertise in the sales and marketing field. Mr. Sandoval is a focused man of expertise in business development as well as market analysis and intelligence. Boasting of over 20 years experience in the field of marketing, he has aided as a consultant to a number of businesses as well as organizations to restructure their marketing strategies. This has in turn proven to boost the firms' profitability by measuring customer's level of satisfaction and adopting strategies to tap into new markets to attract more clientele.

To top up his unwavering business development skills, he is a fluent speaker of several languages which serves to further boost his negotiating capacity as he can easily breakdown such social barriers. Most companies who have the chance to work with Sinnel Sandoval affirm that he indeed is a master of his craft, helping them to realize their full market potential by conducting feasibility studies. They have in turn reached their long-term business goals by achieving short term project success.
He argues that every market has its own unique requirements, in order for the businesses to tap into a markets full potential, they need to conduct research to better understand the unique behavior of that particular market. Only then can they close the gap which stand between the business and the clientele in terms of advertising, quality products or service provision.

His level of success can be attributed to the numerous experience acquired over time as well as his academic qualifications. He has championed corporate growth for businesses by creating a large base of international clients. In his latest assignment, which he increased the firm's revenue by 20% its normal thresh-hold, he undertook a joint business venture with well known firms such as the KLE Corporation as well as the DD Group and once again, came out a victor.
Finally. He acknowledges that business consultants only help the organizations to improve their efficiency, marketing analysis and research. If a business should hit its full market potential. A proper strategy coupled with the right set of skills are the key ingredients for the achievement of its success.
Previous to his current ventures, he held various top positions which include: Director of International Sales and Marketing, Manager of Business Development Sales Manager for Trade Companies in Europe.

His strength lies in his ability to monitor and analyze long-term business trends,and product feasibility studies going by the level success he has achieved both for national and international organizations, Sinnel Sandoval is not set to stop any time soon.

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